Unleash the power of your Barcodes!

Comware Pty Ltd is a “bricks & mortar” Information Technology business that specializes in barcode & RFID which is used in multiple industry applications and solutions.

For over 2 decades we have focused on providing identification, tracking, printing and data capture solutions that utilize one or more of the following core technologies:

Bar code & R.F.I.D. Technology can provide you with many business benefits.
Just one of these should enable you to easily justify the cost based on a calculated return on investment:

  • reduced labour costs
  • elimination of data entry errors
  • increased operational efficiency
  • improved customer service
  • reduced inventory costs

  • partial or full automation of very specific manual processes (such as stock takes or asset audits)
  • preventing picking & shipping errors
  • reduction “out of stock” situations
  • compliance with customer mandates

Comware is a “full service” business – we either include in our prices or can offer for additional cost many beneficial extra technical or professional services for our products and solutions.
If the lowest price is important to those who know exactly what they want, simply browse our range of ‘always in stock’ products at IDMart >>>>  or just call us on (08) 8431 1111 for assistance or to place an order with our customer service staff.

However during our 25+ years in business and particularly in recent years, we have found that most astute buyers understand that there are many benefits (both tangible and intangible) that come from developing a relationship with their suppliers or solution providers. Of course price is important but so is trust, quality, service, knowledge just to name a few. Just buying something for the lowest price from a discount web shop or a drop ship virtual ‘e-tailer’ usually means you’ll miss out on some or all of these.

Our years of experience, product knowledge, pre & post sales support along with our technical & professional services are often critical to maximizing the return on investment and the benefits almost always offsets saving a few dollars.

We also have developed strong business partnerships with many other companies who can assist us provide a broader range of products & services such as software development, general I.T. infrastructure, factory automation, data cabling & electrical etc.

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  • Barcode Scanners
  • Printers (Label, barcode, card)
  • Mobile Computers
  • Software
  • Networks (wireless & "eLAN")
  • R.F.I.D. (RF Identification)
  • Supplies & Related Technology
  • Services: Tech & Professional