Clever and Cost Effective

RFID BARCODE For AssetsThe AssetWorx! solution is a complete asset management system with an intuitive interface that is easy to implement, learn and use.

Developed and designed for businesses of any size—whether you need to monitor just a few assets or you are managing hundreds or thousands of assets over several sites.

AssetWorx! from Comware is possibly the most powerful, cost-effective asset software solution on the market today!

Tried, tested and Microsoft certified, AssetWorx! is built with Microsoft SQL Server infrastructure with APIs that encourage customization.

One of the stand-out features is the “Geiger counter” function which enables you to quickly search large areas to locate a specific RFID tagged item.

Comware recommends AssetWorx! for customers who require a flexible solution that can utilize barcodes and/or RFID for manual or automatic check-
in/out, audit (stock-take) and location tracking.

We offer a wide range of solutions based around the core AssetWorx! software for assets, tools and equipment, physical files, medical equipment, job packets etc.

We can offer an extensive range of mobile or fixed RFID readers, re-useable or single use tags, associated hardware and technical & professional services so that you can maximize your return on investment.

Typically we would provide a “turnkey” solution, however we can offer a number of different engagement models depending on your in-house technical resources.

There are thousands of different RFID labels (smart labels) & tags available today so in most cases our standard tag options will be adequate.

However in Enterprise situations we recommend you invest in one of our evaluation kits so that amongst other things, you can determine the most suitable tags for your specific needs.

These kits include RFID hardware, basic software (not Assertworx!) and a variety of RFID tags (all with different performance characteristics) along with our assistance. Kit prices start from $5,000.