Thermal Direct and/or Thermal Transfer, desk top or bench top, office or factory, small or high volume roll printers are useful for printing variable information on labels or tags, labels on demand, over-printing, or volume printing.

  • Print on a variety of label sizes from very small (e.g. from 25mm x 6mm) right to up to A4 size!
  • Print just 1 label or 1,000,000
  • Print text, barcodes and graphics
  • Print identical labels or variable information (e.g. incremented numbers or link to a database)
  • Print with or without automatic barcode verification
  • Single colour (typically just black), or multi-colour printing (inkjet or laser)
  • Print on thermally coated paper, thermally coated synthetic films and other materials such as paper, card and Tyvek
  • Stand-alone or computer connected (RS232, Parallel, USB, Ethernet, Wireless)
  • media can be on rolls or fan-fold
  • print a full roll & rewind internally
  • print a full roll & rewind externally (using a self powered re-winder)
  • Print & auto peel (for immediate manual label application)
  • print on continuous media with an auto-cutter for variable lengths

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