Comware Label Printer Preventative Maintenance Services
We recommend a periodic general clean, test & inspection (scheduled preventative maintenance) for all label printers:
Every 3 months for high volume printing and/or printers used in a factory environment
Every 6 months for low to medium volume printing and/or printers printing barcodes
Every 12 months for low volume printing and or printers in an office environment
Or pay-as-you-go (per printer per visit )
Multi-printer discounts available (conditions apply)
Parts extra. While we cannot guarantee having required parts on hand during a visit , we will always attempt to
carry reasonable quantities of common wear parts (such as print heads) for most brands/models that we sell wherever possible.

Comware Hardware Repair / Equipment Breakdown Services (not WLAN)
We also offer either workshop based or on-site “break-fix” repair service (subject to availability of parts).

In most cases we recommend equipment is returned to our workshop so that we can determine
if any parts are required.
Due to the diverse range of equipment we service, we only carry a limited range of common wear parts.
Unfortunately we cannot guarantee fast turnaround of repairs or attendance on-site for urgent breakdowns.
In most cases costs associated with this level of service is prohibitive and we recommend you consider buying your own backup equipment.
If we are able to perform other work in your area we may be able to reduce call-out and/or travel costs.

Comware General Hardware / Software & Wireless Technical Support Services
Ad-hoc Telephone or remote log-in support (basic hardware, software etc. not network products or WLAN)
Ad-hoc Telephone or remote log-in support (network products or WLAN)
Prepaid support packages

Comware Wireless Technical Services
Designing a robust, secure and high performance Wireless LAN (WLAN) in an industrial environment is not a straight forward task.
We have seen many examples where the outcomes have been unsatisfactory due to poor design, the wrong choice of hardware, incorrect configuration and less than perfect installation.
Comware has many years of experience with identifying suitable access points, appropriate antenna choices as well as associated wired network hardware.

Predictive wireless site survey reports
On-site site survey / confirmation site survey with full design & coverage report
On-site wireless network performance audit with report
Remote wireless network performance audit with report