Specialized mobile computers for demanding automatic or other data capture applications

Enterprise Mobility Products is a rapidly growing market segment but many people think that smartphones and tablets are all they need.

Many consumer devices are available these days which are designed for less demanding or more general applications.
While they may appear to be a viable alternative, many of these devices are designed with a different primary use in mind so will
not necessarily perform well in all scenarios.

Comware encourages customers to consider buying “Business Grade” rather than “Consumer Grade” products.
Sometimes spending a little more to get the right solution can lead to extra return on investment that was never previously expected, especially when the total cost of ownership (TCO) is compared.

There are a wide variety of special purpose mobile computing devices (usually, but not only hand-held) that are designed for Data Capture* applications using barcode and / or R.F.I.D. combined with communication options such as GSM / GPRS, WiFi, and Bluetooth and features
such as GPS, voice, pistol grips and more.

* Data Capture & Identification (barcode / RFID) is Comware’s identification technology focus in Supply Chain and Asset Tracking Solutions.   

At Comware we review workflow & processes to identify the right device.

In theory you shouldn’t need a desktop PC and a tablet and a smartphone!

  • Is the primary use at the same desk?
  • Is the primary use at different desks?
  • Is the primary use while mobile?
  • Is the primary use while in a vehicle?
  • What is the secondary use?
  • What is the tertiary use?

The above are just examples of how to determine the most appropriate technology for your workers.

Whatever the application………
Comware has the biggest range of rugged mobile computers for the job

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