More than just Networks!

Comware specializes in Industrial grade Wired & Wireless Solutions

We consider an industrial grade wireless LAN (WLAN) to be:

  • wireless infrastructure with a primary function to provide reliable network connectivity for mobile bar code computers, printers & associated hardware.
  • designed using advanced software tools with your site specific requirements in mind
  • engineered with appropriate levels of redundancy to provide continuous service even in the event of the failure of any component
  • able to provide comprehensive monitoring and management tools for remote diagnostics using controllers or alternative methods
  • capable of supporting other non-industrial wireless devices without affecting network performance


Why Comware?

Comware has the experience and know how to guide you through the design & product selection process. We are backed by the resources of major I.T. distributors plus manufacturers such as CISCO, Motorola (now Zebra), Aerohive, Aruba and Netgear; so you can be confident with our ability to provide you with the best technical solution. We have nation wide partners that can provide installation across Australia, so you can be assured of quality & consistency with multi-state roll-outs.

Getting Comware to design and install an “industrial grade” network is well worth considering.
We have years of experience with wireless networks and “edge” wired LAN (eLAN): for warehouses, manufacturing and other large indoor or outdoor facilities.

We have tested various access point and antenna combinations and use state of the art test equipment.

  • Network Design, Installation (Australia wide) plus Service & Support
  • Wireless Site Surveys (predictive and physical)
  • Wireless Network Tuning and Performance Monitoring
  • Wireless policy development, audits, standards and OH&S compliance
  • Wireless Network security advice
  • Wireless Network troubleshooting & Maintenance
  • Radio Emitting Device audits and site registers

Why do I need help with my WiFi Network?

These days, many people have had quite good results buying & installing a single Access Point (AP) or wireless router for home or office use.
In our experience however, if those people then attempt to install a complex, multiple access point system they will quickly discover that they are out of their comfort zone!
A multi-AP wireless network needs to be designed and installed correctly to provide the bandwidth, service levels and security that your organisation needs now AND for the life of the individual components.

Wireless radiation has some similarities to lighting; generally the closer you are to the source the better and when you are behind a structure or an object you may be in a shadow. However as wireless is invisible, it requires experience, special tools and knowledge for good design.
Antenna choice is also crucial and may be the key difference between a network that provides “good” coverage and one that doesn’t.
Would you know if you should buy a controller-less WiFi system or for that matter, a centralized or distributed controller based one?

Answer:  Comware does!


Comware is an ideal choice, especially if you intend to deploy roaming mobile devices in your warehouse or factory.

For a factory and warehouse Comware recommends you consider selecting from manufacturers who have “business or industrial grade” models in their range. Business grade / Industrial WAPs are full featured devices that not only support all the standard wireless security but also with options needed to ensure voice quality and priority on a wireless network supporting VoIP traffic. Some business grade / industrial models can also be used as a bridge, router, or a client.
Other features that we consider crucial include:
– Rated for high operating temperatures (very important when mounting near warehouse roofs)
– External antenna ports (enables us to use specific antennas………A/Ps mounted at 10m+ need special consideration)
– Support for PoE
– Weatherproof (only for outdoor applications)

Why Power Over Ethernet (PoE)?

Power over Ethernet is an extremely cost effective way of installing a wireless network. The costs associated with running 240V to every acces point can be very high, so POE injects power at the network switch and the low voltage required at the access point is delivered with a lot less cabling and cost.

Why consider a private network over a public one?

For some mobile data applications the public network (e.g. GPRS, 3G or 4G) may be all you need, however “in premise” wireless networks (WLAN’s) still have advantages – the primary one is that you own it & Comware supports it……so it ALWAYS works! 

Whatever the application,
Comware can supply the best wireless infrastructure for the job.