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End to End (Holistic) Asset Management solutions

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Comware has over 25 years of experience with Asset Management solutions: Technology, Software & Professional Services for asset tracking, asset auditing, real-time locating, asset security, and asset life-cycle maintenance.

Assets types that are most commonly tracked & managed include: IT & T assets, portable tools & machinery, vehicles, critical care assets, furniture, scientific or testing equipment.

The type and cost of an appropriate solution will be very much driven by such issues as your ability to implement something with minimal assistance from us, or your desire for a comprehensive ‘turnkey’ solution.

In our experience, determining your project’s functional & financial requirements is an essential process.
It is extremely important for you to know the return on investment (R.O.I.) that you can expect to receive so that you can allocate an adequate and realistic budget.
If this can be achieved by a phone call or two plus some desktop research then it is usually considered a pre-sales activity & we don’t charge for it.
However if this can only be achieved with many hours of customer engagement, additional desktop research, liaising with 3rd parties etc., then our professional services fees will apply.
If faced with a potentially major project, we do encourage our customers to consider simple, low cost options (point solutions) that provide significant benefits in a short time.
Sometimes thinking outside the square can be a suitable way to get started or perhaps even solve the primary problem(s) completely.
For example implementing an ERP system can take 2 years and cost a considerable amount of money, especially if there are business problems that if corrected now, could save you money much sooner.
Perhaps a small stand alone solution which can be implemented quickly and inexpensively should be a higher priority.

We can cater for most budgets……from small through medium and large Enterprises. Our software packages range from low cost with basic features to moderate cost with advanced features including:

  • single or multi user
  • support for barcodes and/or RFID
  • check in / check out functions
  • PC based, server based or web based (traditional licence or Cloud)
  • support Windows based mobile Barcode computers and/or cabled or cordless barcode scanners
  • all-in-one or modular design
  • user configurable fields
  • standard and custom reports
  • barcode printing
  • and much much more

As a guide, a complete solution (application/database software, hardware plus our professional & technical services) can start from under $10,000 for a single user system and under $20,000 for a multi-user system.

However this is highly dependent on such factors as choice and quantity of hardware, or the no. of hours of our services required.

There are a number of ways that software can be purchased today and Comware can assist with all of them in various ways:

Direct download from software manufacturer: for those who want to buy very simple, very inexpensive (or free) software with very limited or no support (e.g. an App). You may still Comware us to supply barcode & other hardware, accessories etc.

Shrink wrapped package from online store: for those who are prepared to spend a little more and are happy to give it a go themselves with access mainly to “self service” support. You may like to visit our online shop IDmart

Shrink wrapped package from a general I.T. reseller: for those who are prepared to spend a little more to get a little more and are happy to “give it a go” themselves with knowledge that the reseller can offer some associated services if required. You may still need Comware to supply barcode & other hardware, accessories etc.

Shrink wrapped solution from a specialist software reseller (i.e. Comware): for those who need some assistance with choosing software, hardware, installing, configuring, training, documenting, etc..

Turnkey solution from a specialist software reseller (i.e. Comware): for those who have limited or no time, skills or resourcesto choose, install, configure, train, document, etc. and need it fully operational with minimal fuss.

Hosted or Cloud solution : the software is not located on you premises but in a data centre. No need to buy & support your own server. You usually pay on a per user per month basis.

In addition to software Comware can also supply:


In our experience hardware for use with an Asset Management System ranges from a simple cabled barcode scanner, a notebook, tablet PC or Ipad with a cabled or Bluetooth scanner to a Windows based Mobile Barcode Terminal (with optional RFID capabilities).

Pricing guide:

  • Cabled scanner (connected to PC or notebook): $100.00 + ex GST
  • Codless barcode scanner (connected via BlueTooth to a tablet or smartphone): $300 +ex GST
  • Notebook PC or Tablet – POA, highly dependent on features & ruggedness
  • Windows based Mobile Terminal – $1,000.00 ex GST to $3,000.00 ex GST

Asset Labels

The type of labels and how they will be printed is very dependent on 1) the type of asset, 2) where the asset is located, 3) how often new assets are added, 4) control & issuing of asset labels.

Comware is able to provide the following:

  • Pre-printed Asset Labels – Synthetic and Metal
  • Blank Roll Labels – Synthetic
  • Sheet Labels for Laser printers – Synthetic

Prices for the above can only be supplied once label type, quantities and size are known.

Some customers will choose to purchase a Label Printer so that they can print their own asset labels (from around $700.00 ex GST) or simple mobile asset label printers (from around $350.00 ex GST).

RFID Labels or Tags

There are literally thousands of options when it comes to deploying R.F.I.D. tags.

Our recommendation is that Comware is engaged on a consultative basis to ensure the specification, evaluation and selection process delivers the best outcomes.

Implementation & On-going Support

Comware is able to assist with all aspects of implementing an Asset System – if you just want to purchase an “off the shelf package” we can just provide the software, hardware, labels etc.

However many poorly planned software implementations (both small and large scale) fail so we recommend you consider our professional services to assist with implementation planning, documenting, integration, data import, training and on-going support.

Whatever your asset requirements are……….

Comware has a cost effective solution for you.