Inventory Control

Adaptable and Affordable

Comware has over 15 years of experience with Inventory Tracking and Control solutions: Technology, software & professional services for stock takes, receiving, putting away, picking, packing & dispatching stock, etc.

Sometimes there is confusion between what is inventory and what are assets.
Generally inventory is made up of items (goods) that are bought and sold by the organisation, whereas assets are items that are bought and used.

Inventory vs. Warehouse Management Software

While the terms warehouse management software and inventory management software seem to be thrown around interchangeably, they are two different entities—but which do you need? In general, warehouse management software can be used for stock location and activity tracking, where as inventory management software is primarily used with managing assets through a simple barcode-based system. It’s important to assess what your company needs to determine whether an inventory management system or warehouse management system is needed. Warehouse management software systems are more comprehensive that inventory management systems. While inventory management systems indicate the amount of stock at a certain time and location, warehouse management systems provide complete visibility into the entire storage system within a warehouse. Because of its comprehensiveness, warehouse management systems integrate at an in-depth level with other areas of the enterprise, such as sales, production and distribution. If you only need a simple assessment of stock in and stock out, then an inventory management system is all you need, but if you need a more comprehensive solution, invest in a warehouse management system.

The type and cost of an appropriate solution will be very much driven by such issues as your ability to implement something with no or limited assistance from us, or your desire for a “turnkey” solution.
If this can be determined by a phone call or two plus some desktop research then it is usually considered a pre-sales activity so we don’t charge for it.
However if this can only be achieved with several hours of customer engagement, additional desktop research, liaising with 3rd parties etc., then our professional services fees will apply.

In our experience, defining your project’s functional & financial requirements is an essential process.
It is extremely important for you to know the return on investment (R.O.I.) that you can expect to receive so that you can allocate an adequate and realistic budget.

Comware Barcode InventoryIn some cases a point solution is adequate. Typically these solutions are reasonably simple and not integrated with other business systems although they may share data (via import / export). They commonly consist of data capture hardware, data capture or basic application software plus Comware’s Professional & Technical services.

However if full featured application software is appropriate, our options range from low cost packages with basic features to moderate cost packages with more advanced features including:

  • single or multi user
  • support for barcodes and RFID
  • check in / check out functions
  • PC based, server based or web based (traditional licences or Cloud / SAAS)
  • support Windows based mobile Barcode computers and/or cabled or cordless barcode scanners
  • all-in-one or modular design
  • user configurable fields
  • standard and custom reports
  • barcode printing
  • and much, much more

We recognize that customers have different buying preferences and budgets so we are flexible in the way that we provide them:

DIY packages starting from around $1,500 (plenty of on-line video demos and training makes this easier)

Similar to Basic DIY but with a few hours of  our expert help starting from around $3,500 (usually delivered as a combination of our help plus on-line training & support). Extra help can be purchased in 2 hour blocks.

Advanced versions of software or alternative packages (including traditional licenses, subscription – usually web based or hybrid) plus our expert help. Prices can start from around $10,000 or proportional if monthly/annual subscriptions.

Comprehensive or turnkey solutions can start from around $20,000 (if you prefer we do virtually everything for you and provide complete a working system that is ready to use)

PLEASE NOTE: These prices are a typical minimum amount and don’t take into account multiples of barcode hardware or large scale wireless infrastructure (for example).

It’s often the little things that make a difference!

Accessories, consumables, experience can sometimes be the difference between an OK implementation and an excellent one.
Comware can supply everything from durable location labels to holsters for barcode equipment along with the know how to advise what will work best for you.

Our recommendation is that Comware is engaged on a consultative basis to ensure the specification, evaluation and selection process delivers the best outcomes.

Comware is able to assist with all aspects of implementing an Inventory Control System – if you just want to purchase an “off the shelf package” we can just provide the software, hardware, labels etc. n and on-going support.

However many poorly planned software implementations (both small and large scale) fail so we recommend you consider our professional services to assist with implementation planning, documenting, integration, data import, training and on-going support.

Whatever your inventory control requirements are………..

Comware definitely has a cost effective solution for you!